Mucky Cluckers - Tales from the chicken run
Mucky Cluckers - Now Available in Paperback
Queen B - in charge from day one. She runs a tight coop.
Tu-Tu - number two in the pecking order and Queen B's enforcer. Tu-Tu, basically, is a grumpy old tart.






Mucky Clucker - Titian
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Published by: Fallen Tree Originals

Maggie - not overly concerned about pecking orders, so long as it doesn't interfere with her eating!
Fizz - our cockerel cares dearly for his girls and his ambition is to lay an egg!
Mad Irene - always busy, her favorite pastime is tunnelling down to Australia... or checking out other chickens treats!
Pom-Pom - this little lady is far too good to scratch around in the dirt... in fact, she's far too good to do most things!
Princess - the most gentle of creatures. If you're happy to cuddle her all day, she is happy to let you.
Punk - you don't mess with this chicken. She takes being tough very seriously.
Rebecca - this little hen is perfectly happy doing... whatever Irene is doing!
Titian - our Rhode Island Red is up on all the coop gossip - and she's happy to share it!

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